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About Me

After qualifying as a fitness instructor in 2005 working both in the UK and abroad, I became aware of how we adapt our bodies in activities to protect muscles that have weakened, fatigued or tightened. I started to move into core muscle building programmes such as Swiss ball and Pilates and continued my research into muscle performance. In turn, this took me on the path to massage. I now specialise in treatments such as Neuromuscular Re-education (NMR) and Soft Tissue Release (STR).   

Our Aims

Massage is useful for many muscle or joint aches and pains caused by tightness and posture at work, or activity. Whether you are a top athlete, moderately active, or one of the legion of office bound workers, men and women alike, we have the techniques you need. Everyone can benefit from having their muscle spasms or "knots" released, their range of motion increased, their pain eliminated and their peace of mind restored.

We offer a whole range of treatments from Holistic and Indian Head to more performance based techniques such as Soft Tissue Release and Neuromusclular Re-education.

Where some techniques are designed to aid relaxation and stress relief others focus on getting your muscles and joints back to their peak level of health. Treatments such as this involve some active movements from you, so be sure to wear underwear you're comfortable in or if you prefer, shorts.


Contact A G Massage anytime to book an appointment or to learn more about what we offer - you can contact us here.

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"I am a 38 year old farmer who has suffered from back and neck problems leading to headaches for many many years. Recently I was told about A G Massage who mainly practices NMR, being quite sceptical I decided to try it. After years of going to various Oesteopaths and Chiropractors without a lot of success, I thought it would not have much effect. However, the pressure seemed to release almost immediately leaving me headache free. I won't be leaving it so long next time." -- Stephen Duddy, Gilsland


"Millie has an eye for detail and understands the requirements of the individual to give them the service to suit their needs. She applies her expertise and enjoys what she does, which is evident in the results she achieves. I would recommend Millie to anybody wanting to feel better." -- Mayoori Patel